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Broadband Internet Service Provider

About us

Go internet LLC is a U-S based telecommunication company providing High-Speed Broadband & Internet Service to isolated cities and town worldwide. 
At Go internet, we are continuously looking for innovative solutions through technology. We work with top wireless broadband manufacturers to bring you internet. We believe in an affordable broadband internet for all and without the wires or the hassle.

Our Packages


High Speed Broadband for Residential:

Give your home a fast and reliable internet connection and enjoy your time and not worry about data shortage. Packages starts from 1Mbps to 15 Mbps 


High Speed Broadband for Business:

At up to 100 Mbps, Go internet  faster than your today’s basic provider, allowing you to get ahead in your business and stay on top of your competition. What you want instantaneously. You no longer have to expect your experience to buffer ; everything will be ready to go. Packages starts from 5 Mbps to 100Mbps, Leased line available on demande.

Our Advantages


Get worry-free support

We deliver reliable, stable, and fast communications


Single point of contact

One contact for implementation and support through our Go internet network.


Connect your workforce

With high-speed Broadband 

Family connect

Connect your loved ones at home

No more running out of internet in the middle of the night or visio call with loved ones


Industry leading speed

Go internet provides breakthrough speeds of up to 200 Mbps and Leased lines


Fast installation

Our specially trained technicians will have you online with quick installation in no time


Help is Always Here

Friendly customer service representatives are here to solve any issues you might have 24X7.


Advanced Security

Our Security Suite Protect all your devises so you can safely shop, search and bank online every day.

Presence to Liberia



6539 Harisson Avenue Suite
Cincinnati, OH 45247


Phone: +1 513 666 9744
Fax: +1 513 598 4552